Cyberattack: a new weapon in a new war

Nov 25, 2013

We may all know in a general sense that the security of information we share online cannot be guaranteed - but that doesn't stop us, or private business or government, from putting  sensitive data online. The hope is that security will hold up against hackers, but in fact, cyberattacks are a growing security threat. David Hamon advises the U.S. government about that threat.

Security expert David Hamon

He is Director of Banyan Analytics, a non-profit government contractor, and he has over 30 years of experience in international security affairs, including cybersecurity.

"From 2011 to that year alone there were over 500,000 cyberattacks of various kinds from outside this country against businesses, commercial organizations and the government."

Hamon was in Missoula last week to lecture at the University of Montana. He sat down in our studios with News Director Sally Mauk to talk about the ongoing threat of cyberattacks.