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Casey Schreiner Joins Race For Governor

Jun 11, 2019

A second Montana Democrat has announced a run for the governor’s seat.

State House Minority Leader Casey Schreiner of Great Falls announced his bid in an email release Tuesday, along with a slew of endorsements from state senators and representatives.

In an interview with Montana Public Radio, the former science teacher said his family’s story is like most Montanans’ and that he’s faced opaque health care costs, student debt and having kids in preschool.

Democratic House Minority Leader Casey Schreiner announced his candidacy for Montana governor, June 11, 2019.
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"I'll be the only candidate that actually helped negotiate the Medicaid expansion package that we passed. I'll be the only candidate that’s running that actually took a vote and really negotiated infrastructure. I’ll be the only one that’s been fighting for firefighter health and safety. Got that done for the entirety of my legislative career."

Schreiner faces former state Rep. Reilly Neill of Livingston in vying for the Democratic nomination. Lieutenant Governor Mike Cooney also is considering running.

Six Republicans and one Libertarian have filed paperwork to run for Montana’s executive office. The primary election is a year away.