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Can Do: Why Montana Is An Incubator For Fast-Growing Tech Companies

Aug 24, 2018

Today on "Can Do," Christina Henderson, executive director of the Montana High Tech Business Alliance, explains what entices so many new companies to start up or relocate to Montana, and how the Alliance plans on continuing to help start-ups and established businesses alike.

“One of the myths of entrepreneurship in this country is that you have to be in New York or Silicon Valley to build something great," Henderson says. "I think often you are at an advantage to build something outside of those centers because you don’t have the same pressure from the ‘groupthink.’”

Boasting more than 350 member-companies across the state, the Montana High Tech Business Alliance offers companies promotion, opportunities to connect with other tech companies, and support in helping their businesses expand.

Listen and learn about the new Montana tech boom; how technology has changed company culture; and the broad variety of jobs the tech industry has to offer.