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Can Do: VidCon CEO Jim Louderback Explains The Creator Economy

Aug 10, 2018

“Everybody is a creator. The power of the internet allows people to be a creator and to find an audience. For the ones who put the time in and the effort and are talented — they can build a life.”
That’s Jim Louderback, talking about how the internet has reshaped the creative online economy. Louderback is the CEO of VidCon, an online video conference company founded and headquartered in Missoula, Montana.

Louderback got his start developing the tech side of Fortune 100 companies before jumping into the magazine world, eventually becoming the editor-in-chief of PC Magazine. He spent seven years as CEO of Revison3, a web television network, hosted a tech show called “Fresh Gear," and served as editorial director at ZDTV and several other tech-oriented web video producers.
As the CEO of VidCon, Louderback plays a crucial role in the annual conference for YouTube stars, their fans, and the sponsors. This year’s gathering attracted more than 74,000 people, breaking the attendance record for the nine-year-old conference.
On this episode of “Can Do,” you'll learn what defines the “creator economy,” how to curate your online presence to reach a target audience, and why in-person gatherings matter for people whose work revolves around the internet.