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Can Do: Two Perspectives On Montana's Economy Going Into 2021

Jan 18, 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage our country and vaccine relief is slow in coming, sound advice is as good as gold. Montana businesses experienced an exhausting 2020, and the new year promises to be just as unpredictable. Joining me today are two guests experiencing the economic impact from two very different perspectives.

Tino Sonora is the Associate Director of the Montana Bureau of Business and Economic Research. Dr. Sonora has been studying the economic effects of the pandemic on Montana since its onset nearly a year ago.

Lynn-Wood Fields is a film industry veteran who is currently the Marketing Producer for Montana Studios. Among other things, Montana Studios has been providing production support for the hit TV series Yellowstone, which is being filmed in Montana.

What is the state of the state as we enter 2021? Which industries have weathered the pandemic the best and have a bright future? What lessons can be shared with businesses that continue to struggle, and is there a silver lining?

This and much more on today’s episode of can do.

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