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Can Do: The Sweet Life

Jan 25, 2019

Robin Béquet’s goal: “To make the best caramel anyone’s ever had. Period.” After 17 years and five recipe upgrades, she just might have achieved her goal.

Béquet Confections, manufactured in Bozeman, Montana, has won a clutch of national awards. You can find their chewy, chocolate, chipotle or Celtic sea salt caramels on the shelves of over 1,000 gourmet stores.

Robin Béquet is the owner of Béquet Confections.
Credit Janie Osborne

Béquet talks about making the transition from caramel hobbyist to professional after the 2001 dot-com crash sent the 42-year-old’s job tanking.

Join host Arnie Sherman for this week’s “Can Do: Lessons from Savvy Montana Entrepreneurs,” when Béquet discusses how she overcame the “what the heck have I done” feeling from her first couple years in operation to become the successful entrepreneur she is today.

Thanks to Peak Recording in Bozeman, Montana for their help in recording this episode.