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Can Do: Lessons Learned In Season Two

May 3, 2019

This week’s episode of  Can Do: Lessons From Savvy Montana Entrepreneurs is a little bit different. It’s the last show of Season Two, so it seems fitting to reflect on the past 21 shows, and to touch on the experiences shared and lessons learned.

You'll hear the “method to the madness” behind the interviews, and what piece of the puzzle each guest added as we shared lessons from experts who are succeeding as entrepreneurs.

Listening back to this past season, we heard concrete insights and tips, from how to start your own business and help it grow, to nailing down necessary funding and overcoming obstacles. Each guest shared their tried and true business techniques.

We had a very good mix of for-profits, non-profits, start-ups, small companies, large companies, and industry leaders. We learned about a number of new business concepts including: a “biodome of employment,” from jazz artist Erica Von Kliest; “creator economy,” from Vidcon’s Jim Louderback; the “Internet of things” from cybersecurity guru, Sherri Davidoff; and the “quote to cash” business from the Advanced Technology Group staff.

Listen now to hear lessons from these entreprenuers and more.