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Can Do: How Nick Checota Reshaped Missoula's Entertainment Landscape

Oct 27, 2017

"It's not about glamour. It's not about being seen at the front door. It's not about hanging out with artists in the backroom. It's not about partying with customers. It's about being very transactional and very focused on your business. It's all business first"

That's Nick Checota, the owner and entertainment buyer for Logjam Presents and the manager, promoter and owner of Missoula's The Wilma Theater, Top Hat Lounge and the KettleHouse Amphitheater. Checota shares lessons he's learned building successful businesses in Montana, on this episode of "Can Do."

Checota arrived in Montana a few short years ago with a career focused on developing real-estate for religious hospitals. But he quickly turned his focus to the entertainment business when he bought the two most venerable music venues in Missoula, Montana. Checota completely restored the venues, adding state of the art technology and renovating both. As he accomplished all this, he simultaneously started a mostly student-run production company and built a new 4,500 seat amphitheater. On this episode of "Can-Do" Nick Checota talks about this astounding professional transformation.

This week you'll learn about navigating the landscape of the entertainment business, about understanding the difference between what you like and what your market likes, and how lack of experience in an industry can sometimes be an asset. Listen and learn on this episode of "Can Do."

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