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Bullock Sets Goal Of 60,000 COVID-19 Tests Per Month

Apr 29, 2020

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock has set a goal for the state to conduct 60,000 COVID-19 tests per month, though sourcing the materials needed to conduct the test remains a challenge.

Bullock says starting next week the state will begin testing all willing residents and employees at nursing homes and assisted living facilities. The governor says the state will also increase testing in tribal communities.

"With enhanced surveillance our goal is to take a sample of the representative population in certain communities to get an estimate of what could be happening with the virus."

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Bullock says the state received 18,000 swabs from FEMA and a private vendor since last week. An additional 7,000 swabs from FEMA are expected later this week.

There is no timeline for Montana to reach the 60,000 test mark. Bullock says Montana will get there as soon as it can.

To date, the state public health lab is aware of fewer than 14,000 tests administered on Montana residents.