Bullock, Gianforte Agree To Debate In Billings

Jul 21, 2016

Candidates in Montana’s gubernatorial race on Thursday booked one televised debate and are negotiating two more.

Democratic Governor Steve Bullock and Republican challenger Greg Gianforte each accepted invitations to one live debate on TV, but they disagree on the specific details of two more.

The two have only debated once so far on June 26.

This morning, Gianforte goaded Bullock for hesitating about additional debates.

"I’m hopeful the governor will commit to these debates," Gianforte said.

By this afternoon, Bullock had agreed to a televised debate in Billings, although the candidates have not set a firm date yet.

Bullock and Gianforte also committed to another debate on the Montana Television Network, but have not agreed to a specific date and location for it.

The candidates are further apart on a third potential debate. Gianforte wants to have it in eastern Montana on the Northern Broadcasting Network’s radio stations. Bullock says he’ll commit to a live, televised debate on MontanaPBS.