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The Big Tent Of (Edible) Turnovers

Apr 7, 2019

Empanadas. Panzerotto. Samosas. Knishes. According to The Food Guys, Jon and Greg, you can close your eyes, spin the globe, and wherever you land, there's another turnover. Chinese dumplings and jiaozi (pot stickers), Russian piroschki, Welsh pasties, Italian calzone, and American moonpies: whether it's savory or sweet, made with yeast dough or pastry dough, baked or fried, Greg recognizes its essential turnover-ness.

"Think anything good. Put it inside a dough, wrap it up, seal it, and either bake it or fry it. That's a turnover."

As a reminder, here's the basic pie dough formula: for every cup of flour, you'll need a third of a cup of fat, half a teaspoon of salt, and just enough water to hold it all together - about 5 tablespoons. For sturdier dough, use one egg yolk as part of the liquid.

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