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Bats, Snakes, Alligators, And Prudhoe Bay Scum

Jan 6, 2016

About the book:

Endangered Edens: Exploring the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Costa Rica, the Everglades, and Puerto Rico is the follow-up to Marty Essen's six-time award-winning book, Cool Creatures, Hot Planet: Exploring the Seven Continents.

Endangered Edens follows the adventures of Marty and his wife, Deb, in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (with a side trip to Prudhoe Bay), Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico, and on Marty's solo adventure in the Everglades. The book includes Marty's entertaining stories and more than 180 stunning color pictures—merging the genres of wildlife photography, adventure travelogue, and environmental education into one unforgettable book.

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Marty Essen

Marty Essen lives in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana with his wife, Deb, two dogs, and three rainbow boas. When not traveling or writing, he speaks at colleges from coast to coast, delivering his humorous, high-energy show, Around the World in 90 Minutes.