Authorities Arrest Bozeman Man Who Shot At, Fled Police

Jul 12, 2018

A man who fired shots at authorities near Bozeman yesterday has been arrested.

Federal, state and local authorities coordinated what Park County Sheriff Scott Hamilton called a “systematic sweep” of the area today. During the sweep, a woman who lives in the Bozeman Pass area called 911 to report seeing a man matching the description of 36-year-old Shaunesy Cole attempting to break into her home.

"No shots exchanged during the apprehension, which I’m very happy about. He’s been medically cleared at our local hospital, and is now incarcerated at my facility," Hamilton says.

Hamilton said two police dogs pursued and engaged the man until he was apprehended, and that although the search effort was exhausting, it represented a successful collaboration between multiple organizations and residents in the area.

Officers had been searching for Cole since early Wednesday when he fled the scene and fired a weapon from his car window after being pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence.