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Alpine Sections Of Going-To-The-Sun Road Close For The Season

Oct 14, 2019

After a late-September snowstorm closed most roadways in Glacier National Park, including Going-to-the-Sun Road, the U.S. Park Service officially deemed alpine sections of the road closed for the season Friday.

The late September snowstorm that shattered snowfall records east of the continental divide brought plenty of snow in Glacier National Park as well.

That prompted the closure of most park roadways. The western portion of Going-to-the-Sun Road was already closed for road preservation work and was due to re-open Sept. 29, but road sealant was still curing and prevented plows from working on that section. Continued snowfall also prevented the reopening of eastern alpine sections of the road.

The park officially closed alpine sections of Going-to-the-Sun Road for the season Friday. Those sections typically close the third week of October.

The park says staff will now begin the process of removing guard rails from the roadway that can be damaged by avalanches. The process typically takes two weeks, but with forecasted freezing temperatures and more snow likely on the way, some may be impractical to remove.