5,500 Montanans Sign Up For Expanded Medicaid Coverage In First Week

Nov 10, 2015

State health officials say they’re surprised at the number of Montanans who are signing up for expanded Medicaid. Jessica Rhoades with the Department of Public Health and Human Services says more than 5,500 people have signed up in a little more than a week since enrollment began.

“We are so pleased to see that strong reaction. We knew that this program would be popular, but this is more popular than we even thought. We’re thrilled that these people will be getting the health coverage that they need.”

Anyone who earned too much for Medicaid, but not enough for subsidized health insurance in the past, can sign up for the new plan. Most people will be required to pay a small premium to get covered. About 70,000 Montanans are eligible.

In contrast, Alaska opened enrollment for its expanded Medicaid program on September first. So far, the state reports just over 3,600 people have signed up in two months, out of an estimate 42,000 who are eligible.

The Montana Department of Health and Human Services has more info on health insurance options.