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Chrysti the Wordsmith is “impassioned,” “joyful,” and “satisfied”

Chrysti “the Wordsmith” Smith published ‘Verbivore’s Feast: A Banquet of Word and Phrase Origins’ and its sequel, ‘Verbivore's Feast: Second Course’ in 2004 and 2006, respectively.

This week on The Write Question, we’re airing a September 2022 conversation with word-lover Chrysti Smith, known to many throughout Montana and in the region as “Chrysti the Wordmsith.” This conversation was recorded live at the Missoula Public Library as part of the Montana Book Festival in 2022.

About Chrysti:

Combining her passion for words, dictionaries, and radio (her favorite medium), Chrysti Smith began her radio series, which focuses on etymology, in 1990 as a student at Montana State University in Bozeman. “Chrysti the Wordsmith” is now heard on KGLT-FM Bozeman, where the show is produced; Yellowstone Public Radio in Billings; Montana Public Radio in Missoula, KCPR in Salt Lake City, and worldwide on Armed Forces Radio and Television Network.

Chrysti the Wordsmith recommends these resources for fellow word lovers!

The team for this episode of The Write Question included Lauren Korn, host and co-producer; Chris Moyles, co-producer, engineer, and editor.

The Write Question logo and brand (2022) was designed by Molly Russell. You can see more of her work at and on Instagram @iamthemollruss. Our music was written and recorded by John Floridis.

Funding for The Write Question comes from Humanities Montana; members of Montana Public Radio; and from the Greater Montana Foundation—encouraging communication on issues, trends, and values of importance to Montanans.

The Write Question is a production of Montana Public Radio.

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Lauren R. Korn holds an M.A. in poetry from the University of New Brunswick, where she was the recipient of the Tom Riesterer Memorial Prize and the Angela Ludan Levine Memorial Book Prize. A former bookseller and the former Director of the Montana Book Festival, she is now the host of Montana Public Radio’s literature-based radio program and podcast, ‘The Write Question.’
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