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Can Do: Carving your own path with Eric Stern

Eric Stern
Eric Stern

Eric Stern is the son of late NBA commissioner David Stern. Instead of following directly in his father’s footsteps, Eric decided to carve his own path. He came to Montana in 2001 with a law degree and a desire to make a difference on environmental issues.

After a stint at Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund, Eric ended up having a thirteen-year run in state government. These days, he helps with his family’s investment portfolio, a compilation of budding sports media and technology start-ups. Through all of this, Eric has never lost his passion for public service.

This week, we talk to Eric about his experiences working in law, state government, and venture capital. Eric will offer his perspective on how Montana has changed in the last two decades, and share some insights into his father’s NBA legacy. Learn more now.

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