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Can Do: Healthy cooking and the restaurant business with Chef Maria Loi

Maria Loi
Maria Loi

The Greek Mediterranean diet is known for staples like olive oil, fish, and fresh herbs. It is a simple yet healthy way of eating that is steeped in thousands of years of history and knowledge.

This week on Can Do, we talk with global business woman and celebrity chef Maria Loi. After her first career as a lobbyist left her feeling unfulfilled, Loi went back to her roots. Loi was born and raised in Greece, and grew up loving to cook. She moved to New York City mid-career and quickly established herself as the voice of Greek cooking. It’s been only 10 years since she opened the doors of her first restaurant in New York, and in that time she has published dozens of cookbooks, started a PBS show called The Life of Loi, and built a product brand that is sold in hundreds of stores across the country.

But beyond the fame and the brand is a deep love for Mediterranean cooking and a desire to spread the healthy and hearty food that she grew up with. Listen in as Loi tells us how she built a global brand and assembled a strong team. Finally, don’t miss Loi reading us the poem that changed her life, As Much As You Can by Constantine Cavafy.

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