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Seeking Guidance As A Gig Worker? There's An App For That

Bryce Bennett, CEO and co-founder of Solo(L), Kellan Carter, founding partner at Fuse (R).
Courtesy Bryce Bennett and Kellan Carter
Bryce Bennett, CEO and co-founder of Solo(L), Kellan Carter, founding partner at Fuse (R).

Being your own boss can be rewarding, and it can be hard. Daily unpredictability confronts many of the 60 million Americans employed in the gig economy. When, where, and which job should they work on any given day of the week? How much money are they earning across multiple gigs? Information and data is sparse for workers — and not being able to count on a predictable pay rate makes it nearly impossible to plan out professional life. It turns out there’s an app for that.

Solo is a platform that supports gig workers by answering questions like: what’s the peak pay rate in your town? What jobs do you qualify for? As an independent worker, what do you need to know about taxes, insurance and benefits?

Start-up technology ventures like Solo rely on venture capital to turn their vision into a viable operating company. One such early-stage investment company is Fuse, a Seattle-based VC firm with a team of tech-savvy veterans.

Joining us today on Can Do to discuss their companies, and the meeting points of the operating world and the funding world, are:

Bryce Bennett, CEO and co-founder of Solo. Bryce is an entrepreneur who previously held senior positions in Convoy, Inc and Uber.

Kellan Carter, founding partner at Fuse. Kellan, a University of Montana business school graduate, has spent the past decade investing in and backing founders in the software industry.

Arnie Sherman's experiences as an entrepreneur, trade negotiator, strategic advisor, college professor and as the host of podcast, radio and television programs give him a singular perspective on life and the business world.
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