Steve Shadley

Steve Shadley joined Yellowstone Public Radio from Reno, Nevada. 

He’s worked for more than three decades as a journalist at public radio stations across the country including Fort Collins, Colorado, Phoenix (his hometown), Madison, Wisconsin, Chicago and Santa Cruz, California.  He’s a graduate of Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff and attended graduate school at Arizona State University. 

Steve has served as a state capitol correspondent in Arizona and California where he covered Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the legislature during that state’s deep financial crisis.  He enjoys producing reports on politics, the environment and arts. 

Steve loves attending concerts and exploring the countryside while on road trips.  In the past he’s interviewed rock star Graham Nash of CSN, sitar master Ravi Shankar and comedian Kathy Griffin.  Steve is an avid reader of fiction and historical biographies.  He’s an antique and junk collector who dabbles in oil painting and spending quality time with his two affable house cats “Bug” and “Missy.” 

The Clark Fork River above flood stage in Missoula, May 7, 2018.
Josh Burnham

Flood waters remain a concern across Montana today and into next week.

Bison at the Stephens Creek Capture facility north of Yellowstone Park in 2015.
Jim Peaco (CC-BY-2)

Yellowstone National Park officials are investigating another illegal release of bison, after the Stephens Creek Facility was broken into sometime last night or early this morning.

Park officials said most of the 73 bison that escaped stayed in the immediate area and eventually returned to the pen. Fifty-two bison escaped in a similar incident last month.