Montana Public Radio


  • Interim Director of Development

    Anne Hosler is the Interim Director of Development for Montana Public Radio. Anne fundraises the annual membership contributions to the station totaling over $1.2 million annually. Her expertise in fundraising and donor stewardship, nonprofit...

  • Children's Program Director

    Annie Garde is the Children's Program Director and host and producer of the Pea Green Boat and the Children's Corner.

  • Host and Producer

    Beth Anne Austein has been spinning tunes on the air (The Folk Show, Dancing With Tradition, Freeforms), as well as recording, editing and mixing audio for Montana Public Radio and Montana PBS, since the Clinton Administration. She’s jockeyed...

  • Director of Sponsor Support

    Dave is the Director of Sponsor Support at MTPR.  He has worked with marketing and media since high school as an on-air newscaster, DJ, and in media consulting, placement, and creative.  To borrow a thought from Willy Pflug, new 2015 Montana...

  • Network/Systems Administrator

    A professional geek and amateur farmer, Ivy works behind the scenes to keep all things computer-related working smoothly.

  • Sponsor Support Associate

    Jess fosters relationships with sponsors and ensures that their investment in MTPR is both symbiotic and aligned with industry best practices. With a background in fundraising, freelance content creation, and copywriting, Jess is delighted to...

  • Host and Producer

    Joan Richarde is the Host and Producer of Oasis, Jonkunnu Express, CityLights, Dance Party, Ensemble and Sojourn.  She also hosts & produces Blues on the Move, Night Flight, and Muse's Jukebox, in rotation with other MTPR host/producers.

  • Technical Department Assistant

    Joe Brown is the Technical Department Assistant at the Broadcast Media Center.

  • Digital Editor

    Josh Burnham is MTPR's digital editor. Part developer, editor, photographer, videographer and occasional audio producer, he manages the website, podcasts, email newsletters and social media.

    For questions or comments about MTPR's online...

  • Program Director

    Michael Marsolek is the program director of Montana Public Radio. He also hosts Tuesday Freeforms and Thursday Morning Classics.