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Baseball Returns To MTPR. Sorta.

Bruce and Gus enjoy a recent baseball game.
Bruce and Gus enjoy a recent baseball game.

The annual baseball show (which has not been annual for around 10 years) is in the bullpen and ready to enter the game.

Bruce Micklus and Freeforms host Gus Chambers are excited to throw out the first pitch Thursday, June 24, at 11 a.m.

“Things just got in the way there for a couple of years,” said Bruce Micklus, from Rockin Rudy's in Missoula. “ Before you knew it, nearly a decade had gone by without a baseball show.”

“Don't buy that,” Chambers interrupted, “ we were arguing about everything from pine tar to corked bats. Plus we were never rooting for the same team.”

“Finally we found a couple of things we COULD agree on,” said Micklus. “ Hank Aaron and Honus Wagner. They saved our friendship. And with it, the baseball show.”

“Baseball brought us together," said Chambers. “ Like two infielders covering the same pop fly.”

Let's hope the show brings you together this Thursday at 11.


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