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Suzanne Santo's Americana-Noir Debut Purrs And Broods

Marina Chavez

Suzanne Santo, the fiddling, banjo-playing frontwoman for the duo HoneyHoney, lays out genre-crossing, self-penned songs on her first solo recording, “Ruby Red.” A reviewer described HoneyHoney’s first album as “taking its cue from Appalachian folk, country ballads, jazz and Quentin Tarantino films.”
The songs on “Ruby Red,” which was produced by Butch Walker, are dark and filled with turmoil.  “The whole album’s about accountability,” says Santo. “It’s about mistakes, and learning and growing from them. Just being accountable for them. It’s really important in all aspects of life to do that.” 

Santo joined fellow Clevelander John Floridis on her 33rd birthday for a conversation about how her Rust Belt sports fan sensibilities mesh with her Americana songs.

(Broadcast: "Musician's Spotlight,"  6/14/18 and 9/13/18. Listen on the radio Thursdays, 7:30 p.m., or via podcast.)


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