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Rezoning In Livingston As Cities Consider Tiny Homes As Solution To Housing Shortage

Ben Chun
CC BY-SA 2.0

As Montana cities grapple with affordable housing availability, the city of Livingston is considering tiny homes as one part of the solution.

On Tuesday Livingston City Commissioners discussed a proposed zoning change that would allow tiny homes in city limits as primary and accessory dwelling units. Mathieu Menard, Deputy Planning Director, says the proposal defines tiny homes as structures under 400 square feet that are built at an off site location.

“We don’t currently allow and we are not proposing to allow any sort of RV-style hookups or living in an RV. I know many tiny homes are on some sort of trailer on wheels that would not be allowed in the city. You’d have to put it on a permanent foundation,” Menard says.

Encouraging more accessory dwelling units is a strategy listed in the housing section of the city of Livingston’s Growth Policy. The city adopted the policy in June of this year in part to address the housing needs of the city’s increasing population and a low rental inventory.

Other Montana cities including Bozeman and Missoula allow tiny homes as primary and accessory dwelling units, so long as structures are under 600-square-feet and meet building code requirements and city regulations.

The commission will vote on the proposed zoning change following a public hearing at a commission meeting scheduled for Sept. 21. Public comment is accepted by email or can be given at the upcoming meeting.

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