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Polson’s Water Service Restored After City Restricts ‘Unnecessary’ Usage

Megan Johnson
Montana Public Radio

Polson officials say residents are pitching in to conserve water. City Manager Ed Meece says water service was restored Monday night to all 60 homes that lost service Monday morning due to low supplies and high demand.

“We did not experience a huge drawdown in the early morning from irrigation activity which is one of the things that’s been plaguing us for several weeks now. A lot of good cooperation from the community,” Meece says.

The City of Polson has declared a water emergency, banning what it deems unnecessary uses of water, including car washing and the watering of residential and commercial lawns.

Meece says the community is cooperating and water reserves are quickly growing. He tells MTPR officials are not anticipating any more water service interruptions in the near future. If water reserves continue growing at this pace, Meece says city water restrictions might soon be loosened to permit lawn irrigation a couple of times a week.

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