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Montana 2020 Election Results

Montana 2020 Election Results graphic

View live results for national and statewide races.

Find Montana Election Day 2020 news, updated throughout the day.



Attorney General
Austin Knudsen (R) - Winner
Raph Graybill (D) -
Roy Davis (G) -

Secretary of State
Bryce Bennett (D) -
Christi Jacobsen (R) - Winner

Superintendent of Public Instruction
Elsie Arntzen (R) - Winner
Melissa Romano (D) -
Kevin Leatherbarrow (L) -

State Auditor
Shane Morigeau (D) -
Troy Downing (R) -

Public Service Commission
District 2:
Valerie McMurtry (D) -
Tony O'Donnell (R) - Winner

District 3:
Tom Woods (D) -
James brown (R) -Winner

District 4:
Jennifer Fielder (R) -
Monica Tranel (D) -

Supreme Court
Laurie McKinnon -
Jim Shea - Retained
Mike Black -

Ballot initiatives
CI-118, Allow for a Legal Age for Marijuana Amendment - Approved
I-190, Marijuana Legalization Initiative - Approved

Montana C-46, Initiated Amendment Distribution Requirements Measure -
Montana_C-47, Initiated Statue and Referendum Distribution Requirements Amendment -

Montana LR-130, Limit Local Government Authority to Regulate Firearms Measure -

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