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Another Libby Asbestos Site Is Ready For Delisting, EPA Says

Libby Superfund map.
US Environmental Protection Agency
Libby Superfund map.

The Environmental Protection Agency says another Libby Asbestos Superfund Site unit is ready to be delisted. The public has 30 days to comment on delisting the former vermiculite export plant.

The former vermiculite mine spread deadly asbestos throughout the greater Libby area in the mid 1900s. The eight units that make up Libby’s Asbestos superfund cleanup site are all in different stages of management. The EPA’s Mike Cirian says W.R. Grace’s former export plant is ready for the final phase, delisting.

“After all of the work was done and completed, it is now the River Front Park in the City of Libby, MT," Cirian says.

This would be the second Libby superfund unit to be delisted. The move comes as the EPA is preparing to hand off ongoing management of the two units that consist of Libby and Troy to Lincoln County and the state. That’s slated to happen April 1. The EPA is taking comments on delisting River Front Park through Feb. 24.

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