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The Refuge E4: Do It In A Good Way

Sarah James in Arctic Village, Alaska
Amy Martin
Sarah James in Arctic Village, Alaska

The Gwich’in have lived and hunted in the Refuge long before it was carved out as federal, protected land. Their territory spans a huge swath of northeastern Alaska and northwestern Canada, and their health and culture depends on the Porcupine caribou herd - a group of animals 200,000 strong that calve on the area of the coastal plain slated for drilling.

In this two-part episode, spend time in Arctic Village, a community just over the southern border of the Refuge, and hear from the Gwich’in about what’s at stake for them as development looms in the 1002 area.

Each season, Threshold explores one story from the natural world, and what it says about us. This miniseries is the capstone project for our two-and-a-half years of reporting in and on the Arctic.

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