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'March For Life' Brings Anti-Abortion Message To State Capitol

Signs from the Jan. 18, 2019 March For Life event at the state Capitol call for and end to abortion.
Corin Cates-Carney
Montana Public Radio
Signs from the Jan. 18, 2019 March For Life event at the state Capitol call for and end to abortion.

Anti-abortion activists marched on the Montana State Capitol Friday afternoon. They joined crowds all across the country in the March For Life, protesting the Roe vs Wade decision, the landmark 1973 U.S. Supreme Court case establishing women's legal right to an abortion.

A crowd of around 100 stretched out on the state Capitol steps, praying for the end of abortion in the United States.

David Severson is the Pastor of Holy Cross in Townsend.

“Almighty father we gather here today in repentance, resolve and in rejoicing. We gather in repentance because we your people could long ago have ended abortion in this nation,” Sevenson said.

Half a dozen bills that aim to limit abortion access and how and when abortions are performed are in the works in the Montana Legislature.

The bills are all sponsored by Republicans in the House and Senate majorities.

They include proposals to require physicians to offer women the opportunity to “view an active ultrasound and ultrasound images and listen to the fetal heart tone of the unborn child before undergoing an abortion.” The bill outlines some exceptions, for example, if the abortion will save the life of the woman.

Draft legislation would also put the issue of abortion in front of voters on the ballot.

Other bill drafts offer changes to the Montana Constitution to clarify the definition of a person to include, “all members of mankind at any stage of development.” Another would clarify that abortion is not a constitutional right.

Bills aiming to reduce abortions in Montana have passed the out of the Legislature over the past two legislative sessions, but all them were vetoed by Democratic Governor Steve Bullock.

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