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Daines: US - China Beef Agreement Nearing Resolution

Sen. Daines hand-carried four Montana steaks and a photo of Fred Wacker of Miles City and his cows to China and presented them to Premier Li Keqiang to underscore the importance of opening Chinese markets to U.S. beef imports.
Courtesy Senator Daines

U.S. Senator Steve Daines says he thinks American beef is almost back on the menu in China.

"We’re now engaged at the highest levels in their government and telling them this is a very important issue for the United States," Daines says.

Last September, China announced it was ending its 13-year ban on U.S. beef imports after a 2003 Mad Cow disease scare in Washington State. Since then, trade reps have been working on an agreement that would get U.S. beef back in Chinese markets.

Daines, Montana’s Republican Senator, says he thinks the final details are about to get resolved:

"Anytime we can get Montana farmers and ranchers producing and sending product that way, that’s a good thing for the long term. One-point-four billion consumers there. This is thinking about the longer term. It’s not just about today."

Daines says Chinese officials are waiting for the next American Agriculture Secretary to be confirmed before proceeding with the final plans. He expects nominee Sonny Perdue to be confirmed next Monday.

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