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Public Comment Period Extended For Creston Water Bottling Plant

Water bottle.
Public Comment Period Extended For Creston Water Bottling Plant

The public is getting an additional 10 days to comment on one aspect of a proposed water bottling plant in Creston. That’s because of a technical error by the Montana Department of Environmental Quality.

The DEQ mistakenly posted a fact sheet for an entirely different project. Information about Montana Artesian Water Company and its application for a state pollution discharge permit was not available for five days of the comment period. The correct fact sheet is now available online.

DEQ spokesperson Lisa Peterson says the deadline for public comment will be extended until August 15.

"We wanted to give them additional time because it wasn't available for the full time that it should have been."

Montana Artesian Water Company is seeking approval to bottle, ship and sell nearly 192 million gallons of treated groundwater per year - that’s roughly 2 billion 12-ounce water bottles.

A public hearing on the pollution discharge elimination permit will be held as scheduled on August 1 at the Creston School gymnasium.

Find the Montana Artesian Water Company Environmental Assessment, fact sheet, and public notice.

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