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Juneau: Zinke's Speech Had The Wrong Focus

Denise Juneau Officially Joins U.S. House Race
Corin Cates-Carney

Denise Juneau, the Democratic candidate for Montana’s seat in the U.S. House, says her opponent’s speech at the Republican National Convention last night shows he’s more focused on his own political career than the needs of Montanans. Rep. Ryan Zinke focused on national security and criticizing Hillary Clinton.

"He talked nothing about trying to change the platform or change the direction of his party," Juneau said, referring to Representative Ryan Zinke resigning his seat as a delegate to the Republican national convention last week because he differs with the plank of the party’s platform calling for states to be given ownership of federal lands.

"He’s not mentioned it at all and he’s not trying to sway his party and he’s not providing leadership on that point," Juneau said.

She says she’s focused on what the people she’s talking to on the campaign trail tell her are their concerns than Zinke laid out last night.

"They want a roof over their heads, they want a good paying job, they want to make sure their children have a quality education, and those are all things Congressman Zinke is not currently talking about," Juneau said.

Zinke’s speech in Cleveland echoed his party’s theme for the first night of their convention: Making America Safe Again. He talked about the need for strong military leadership, and criticized Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy track record. 

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