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Thousands Of Gallons Of Gas Spill After Accident Near Alberton

It may be a while before a 2,000 gallon gasoline spill is fully cleaned up outside Alberton.

A tanker truck carrying 6,000 gallons of fuel wrecked just west of the town Wednesday afternoon.

Missoula City/County Environmental Health Specialist Travis Roth says the gas fumes probably won’t affect local homeowners, but he adds:

“The next concern is groundwater contamination. That can go further (than fumes). So, as part of the investigation, the environmental consultant will probably be testing the neighboring wells.”

The initial environmental investigation will start within the next few weeks, but could last as long as a couple of years.

Roth estimates the local aquifer is about 120 feet underground. He says there’s no sign of any water contamination at this time.

The remaining 4,000 gallons of fuel were safely off-loaded from the wrecked tanker and all the wreckage has been removed.

The driver was not injured. The accident investigation continues.

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