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Gov. Bullock Urges Weyerhaeuser To Maintain Montana Jobs, Public Access

The $8 billion merger between Weyerhaeuser & Plum Creek was announced last November.

Governor Steve Bullock today wrote Weyerhaeuser Corporation, urging it to maintain jobs in Montana and the legacy of public access that Plum Creek Timber established.

The letter comes after Weyerhaeuser announced on November ninth that it’s buying Plum Creek. Bullock asked for, “assurance that operations in Montana will not be substantially impacted by this merger, and that the access that Montanans have enjoyed for years will not be gated off.”

The Governor’s letter says he is, “very concerned that Weyerhaeuser may not fully appreciate Montana’s culture around this issue.” He said the company’s policy of charging a fee to access its lands in Oregon and Washington will not be well-received in Montana.

Bullock asked Weyerhaeuser’s CEO to take quick action to alleviate concerns about public access. Senator Jon Tester, too, wrote Weyerhaeuser’s CEO,voicing the same concerns.

Tester also said that Plum Creek’s policy of free public access has been tied to his support for collaborative projects involving the company in Montana.

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