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Clinton Releases $30 Billion Plan To Help Coal Country

A pile of coal.
Flickr user oatsy40 (CC-BY-2)

Hillary Clinton has just released a $30 billion plan to help coal country. But Inside Energy’s Emily Guerin reports Republicans aren’t buying it, given Clinton's support of President Obama’s climate policies.

Clinton has said as president, she would defend the Clean Power Plan, President Obama’s signature regulation that reduces carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. Because the plan entails a move away from coal, Clinton's plan targets those communities that depend on the coal industry for jobs and tax revenue.

Her plan outlines three areas: making sure workers and their families are taken care of even if their companies go bankrupt; economic diversification and infrastructure and investment. Republicans reacted with skepticism that any Democratic plan could help coal country.

For Inside Energy, I’m Emily Guerin.

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