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States Can Now Sue Over 'Clean Power Plan'

Colstrip power plant, Colstrip Montana.
Flicker User ambib (CC-BY-NC)
Colstrip power plant

The Obama Administration’s signature climate change rule will be published in the federal register Friday. As Inside Energy’s Emily Guerin reports, that opens the door for lawsuits from states unhappy with the plan.

Under the rule, states will have to cut carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. That will be hard in places where a lot of power comes from coal. Attorneys General in Wyoming, North Dakota and Colorado say they’ll sue over the plan.

But in a press conference on Thursday the EPA’s Janet McCabe seemed unphased.

“The power plan is based on a sound legal and technical foundation and it was shaped by extensive input from states, industry, energy regulators, health and environmental groups and individual members of the public.”

States have until next September to come up with a plan to comply with the rule, unless they apply for an extension.

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