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An Energy Revolution Is Underway Says Former Governor Schweitzer

Power Up.energy is former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer's new book.

Former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer is bullish on the future of energy generation and distribution.

Schweitzer's written a new book titled "Power Up.energy" in which he asserts an energy revolution is underway in the United States. He says our dependence on foreign fossil fuels can and should be replaced within 20 years by natural gas, solar and advanced battery technologies.

"This is a great future for America. And unlike all the rest of these technologies that depend on foreign petroleum, it's America that leads in battery technology. This is our time. It is our technology and we're going to prosper for the next generation because of these new energy systems."

Schweitzer says advancements in battery storage technology are a huge opportunity for Montana's renewable energy sector.

We'll have more with Brian Schweitzer tomorrow on Montana Public Radio.