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Brad Johnson: I'm More Experienced, Electable Than Gianforte

Graphic: Montana Public Radio News, Politics

Republican candidate for governor Brad Johnson says his political experience makes him a better choice for his party’s nomination than the other high profile Republican candidate in the race, Bozeman Businessman Greg Gianforte.

Johnson served as Montana Secretary of State from 2005 to 2009, and is currently chairman of the Montana Public Service Commission. He describes himself as, quote, “a Goldwater-Reagan Republican,” but says his election to the PSC proves he’s got appeal outside his party, too.

"I was running against a four-term Democratic member of the House of Representatives from Lewis and Clark County. And I beat him in Lewis and Clark County by half a percent. Now that’s not a big margin, but the fact that I was able to beat that kind of well-known Democrat speaks to that, yes."

Johnson formally announced his candidacy this week. We’ll have an in-depth interview with him on Monday.

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