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'Clean Coal' Development A Top Priority For China

Montana Activists Rally Against Coal Trains
Flickr user Erin Kinney (CC-BY-NC-ND-2)
The vice administrator for China’s National Energy Administration says development of 'clean coal' is a top priority for China.";

China is not likely to give up using coal anytime in the near future. That was the message from a top energy official during a conference on clean coal technology this week in Billings.

The focus of the two-day U.S. - China clean coal industry forum was to discuss ways to use this fossil fuel while at the same time reduce the amount of greenhouse gases because of concerns over global climate change.

Shu Yubo is vice administrator for China’s National Energy Administration.

"Due to limitations within China itself, looking into the future, coal is likely to remain the main source of energy for China. Problems brought by coal consumption and production such as the negative impact on the environment and natural resources can become more obvious. There is a definite need for a change of direction in coal production and a bigger push in cleaner coal production."

Shu says there’s a definite need for a change in direction in coal production and a bigger push in cleaner coal production.

"In the development of coal production we need to pay more attention to protecting the environment and balancing the social and economic development within our society. The government of China considers clean coal production as a top priority. Within the action plan for energy recourse development strategy for 2014 to 2020 China aims to better develop alternative energy sources balancing fossil fuel, gradually reduce coal consumption, and engage in cleaner and more efficient coal consumption."

Shu says the NEA published an action plan for clean and efficient coal consumption for 2015-to-2020.

During his keynote address he says his agency wants to continue these government-to-government talks between the U.S. and China.

Shu says the NEA also wants to create commercial opportunities for private business in this area both in China and the U.S.

Finally, he calls on the continued exchange of knowledge between the two countries to help stabilize the global energy market.

The forum wrapped up Wednesday night with a farewell reception at Little Big Horn College on the Crow Reservation.

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