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Senate Committee Hears Personhood Bill That Would Criminalize Abortion


Today at the Montana legislature, the Senate Judiciary Committee heard the last public testimony for a bill that would ask voters to redefine personhood to include fetuses, which would criminalize abortion.

Proponents like retired Lieutenant Colonel Robert Welzel argue that fetuses are people, and should be given equal rights.

“Even a condition of abject dependency is insufficient to deprive someone of their personhood status."

Opponents say a fertilized egg shouldn't have the same rights as a woman and that the government shouldn’t inhibit women’s personal decisions. Robin Turner of the Montana Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence added that this could be used as a tool by abusive partners in something called "reproductive coercion."

“This includes a partner forcing a woman to get pregnant, hiding or undermining their birth control, and threatening their partner until they decide to get pregnant.”

This bill would require a yes vote from 49 of 50 Senators, which is unlikely.  ?

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