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These Bills Died In The First Half Of The Montana Legislature's Session

Montana Capitol
William Marcus

Nearly 350 bill proposals have died in the Montana Legislature’s first half. Because of that, here’s some of what will stay the same in the state.

The minimum wage won’t increase for a while, speed limits will stay at 75, physicians can still aid terminal patients in dying, and the state's death penalty stands. People can still be thrown out of their house or fired for their gender identity or sexual expression.

The federal government will still be able to sell public lands in Montana. Brewers still have to jump through legal hoops to get a liquor license for a bar.

Northwestern Energy will still be able to charge people for power outages, you won’t be able to use a crossbow for hunting, and kids will still be able to drop out of high school at the age of 16.

Finally, the bill often referenced alongside yoga pants is dead, though for the record, the bill didn’t actually mention yoga pants.

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