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Naked Bike Ride Inspires Bill At Montana Legislature

Montana Legislature

Today, legislators heard a bill to end the reign of the nude cyclists. Jumping around every corner with their what’s-its hanging out, recreational nudists cause proponents of the bill to fear for their children. John Quandt stood up as one such concerned father.

“If I’m going to take my children to a movie out in public and it’s not rated for their age category, I have to be there with them, I have to OK it. I assume that if I’m walking down the street I would have the same rights,” Quandt said.

In general, the bill, carried by Representative David Moore, would criminalize a show of any private parts or simulated private parts in public. Under current law, a person can only be charged with indecent exposure if they expose themselves with the intent to abuse, humiliate, harass or degrade.

This all stemmed from a bike race in Missoula called “Bare as you Dare” where over 200 people rode through town in either skimpy attire or their birthday suits.

Some legislators pointed out the bicycle race in question had a route picked out far ahead of time and the city had granted a permit.

Supporters of the bill like Erik Dunn came forward to say the rights of the people were attacked by the bike race.

“Literally, those individuals had to sequester themselves away, could not enjoy normal freedoms of being in society and in public because of the impact that would have on their lives.”

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