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Senate Committe Kills LGBT Equality Bill On Party Line Vote

Christine Kaufmann
Montana Legislature
Christine Kaufmann

Today, the Montana Legislature grappled with the topic of discrimination.

One bill, brought by Democratic Senator Christine Kaufmann was intended to end discrimination for members of Montana’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. Opponents argued it infringed upon their freedom of religion.

 That bill died 7 to 5 along party lines with Republicans voting it down.

 Later, Democratic Senator Diane Sands' bill proposed making it illegal for employers to retaliate against those who talk about their wages. She said the bill's aim is to promote wage equality in a country where a wage gap still exists.

“And that is really probably the only way that if you’re already working on the job you're going to be able find out if you are being paid an equivalent amount.”

 There were no opponents, though some legislators asked about the consequences it may have on businesses and their right to give individual raises. The committee did not take action on this second bill. ?

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