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Lawmakers Consider Bill For Blocking Enforcement Of Federal Gun Laws

This morning at the Montana Legislature, Representatives considered a bill to make sure no future federal gun ban could be enforced in Montana. This would include bans on large ammo clips and semi-automatic weapons, even though none currently exist.

Proposed changes to House Bill 203 would also prohibit state police officers from enforcing any future federal gun bans.

Jerry Williams of the Montana Police Protective Association opposes the bill and says a large concern was that it could incriminate police officers just trying to do their job.

“The best officer in the state maybe didn’t understand a particular law. We do our best to enforce the law, but we’re still human beings.”

The bill’s sponsor, Republican Representative Art Wittich of Bozeman, says the bill may need improvement, but it’s necessary.

“There’s the kernel of a good bill here, I would appreciate working with the committee to make it better.”

No immediate action was taken on the bill.

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