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Governor's Infrastructure Bill On Tuesday's Legislative Agenda

Gov. Steve Bullock. File Photo
Christopher B. Allen

Tuesday is the debut of the Governor’s proposed infrastructure bill. Worth over $400 million, this bill would provide funding over the next two years for roads and bridges across the state.

This comes after last session’s veto of a similar, but smaller, bill meant to help fund upkeep in the oil fields of eastern Montana.

Republican Representative Jeffrey Welborn of Dillon, Montana is backing the bill. However, he faces strong opposition from within his own party.

One of those opposing the bill is Republican Representative Mike Cuffe, and he is head of the committee that could kill the bill before it makes to the floor to be voted on by the entire house.

More conservative House members including Cuffe say this bill is too broad and that sections need to be portioned out so the funding can go exactly where it needs to, and not spend too much government funds on areas it isn’t needed.

We are likely to see much more from this bill before the session is out.

Also to watch for Tuesday is a bill banning sun tanning without parental consent for anyone under the age of 18. Backed by Missoula Democratic Representative Ellie Hill, a similar bill was killed in committee last year before reaching the floor.

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