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Sen. Tester: Build The Keystone XL Pipeline

Sen. Jon Tester

The 114th Congress opens Tuesday. One of its first orders of business will be to vote on construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. Montana Democratic Senator Jon Tester says he’s voting for it.
"I think the pipeline should be built. And I think if we do this right, it could take a lot of pressure off of middle eastern oil. Look, there’s negatives, too. I know the tar sands is one of the biggest emitters of CO2 there is, but by the same token, I think until we have the research and development out there to get us off of oil and give us other options, this is one of the options we have to do, and that’s to build the pipeline."

Tester says he thinks there’s enough support in Congress to pass a Keystone XL construction bill, but isn’t sure whether there’s enough to override a presidential veto.

Tester also spoke about the Forest Jobs & Recreation Act, infrastructure spending, renewable energy, and more.

Eric Whitney is NPR's Mountain West/Great Plains Bureau Chief, and was the former news director for Montana Public Radio.
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