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Meet MTPR's New Morning Edition Host

Megan Myscofski
Megan Myscofski

Please join us in welcoming Megan Myscofski as our new Morning Edition host.

Megan is a former MTPR intern and a graduate of the School of Journalism at CUNY where she earned her Master of Arts in journalism with a business and economics concentration.

"I loved my time as an intern at MTPR and am thrilled to return as a host and reporter. I’m also looking forward to covering this historic moment with a team I really admire," she says.

She has previously worked on Threshold Podcast and ProPublica's Electionland Project.

"Megan brings a wealth of skills to the news team and we're excited to add her voice to our morning newscasts," MTPR Digital Editor Josh Burnham says.

Listen for her on air each weekday during Morning Edition.