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Listeners Like You Make Public Media Possible: Donate Now

MTPR supporters Matt Young and Caitlin Howard.
MTPR supporters Matt Young and Caitlin Howard.

Matt’s story shows why generations of listeners support Montana Public Radio. This station is a community endeavor, a trusted source that grandparents, parents and children can all rely on. Whether I’m in the office or on the road, I hear from listeners like Matt who are proud to invest in MTPR.

This fall, your contribution is more important than ever to keep MTPR going strong for you and your community.

Will you stand up for MTPR with your most generous gift today?

Here’s where we stand on fundraising so far this year. The goal is $1.9 million from listeners and sponsors. 48% of the goal is already in hand from donations and pledges. We can safely project another 29% from sponsors and sustainers. The final 23%, or $430,000, must come from donations from listeners like you.

Can I count on you to make your most generous donation today?

With MTPR, each day offers you the opportunity to meet the world anew, to consider hard questions about our communities and world that don’t necessarily have easy answers. You find stories that bring us closer together rather than divide us; music that elevates your spirit; and ideas that intrigue and inspire.

All of this is possible because you and Matt both believe in and donate to this optimistic endeavor: listener- supported MTPR.

With $430,000 still needed by the end of the year, your donation today is critically important to sustain the excellent radio service we have created together. Will you contribute right now? Donate here or call 800-325-1565

Please be here for MTPR during this fall campaign. Because MTPR is always here for you!

Anne Hosler
Director of Membership