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Thank you to everyone who donated, volunteered or gave a thank-you gift during MTPR's spring pledge week! Your support makes public radio possible.

At the end of the pledge drive on Sunday night the tally reached $497,413, nearly 81 percent of our $610,000 goal for spring. There were a total of 3,539 listener pledges during the spring fundraiser.

Show off your public radio cred with a Montana Public Radio t-shirt. Just make a donation of $5/mo or more and choose a shirt as your thank you gift. Support from public radio people like you makes MTPR possible.

Montana Public Radio requires many pieces of the puzzle to keep this great station on the air. From our program producers, news team members, and our technicians who keep our equipment running to our fundraising staff – the MTPR team works around the clock to ensure this station is everything you expect it be when you tune in. But most importantly YOU, our member-listeners, are the most important piece of the puzzle and our most valued member of the team.

All scorpions glow a beautiful blue-green color under ultraviolet light.
Missoula Insectarium

Do Bobcats Kill Deer? How will climate change affect Montana's forests? What’s up with the lead in Montana’s public schools? Why do scorpions glow? Learn more with these can't-miss stories from March

All of Montana knows that Butte is a big deal. Now readers of 'The New Yorker' know too.

"'Richest Hill,' a new podcast from Montana Public Radio, made me care intensely about the former copper-mining boomtown of Butte, Montana—and urgently want to understand it better. Reported and written by Nora Saks and edited and produced by Nick Mott and Eric Whitney, “Richest Hill” has a mood of straightforward friendliness, but it’s also full of surprises ... It’s no small feat to tell an enjoyable story about a Superfund site, but, so far, 'Richest Hill' pulls it off."

Thank You Flathead Valley Listeners!

Mar 13, 2019
Thanks to everyone who joined us in Kalispell for the listener meet-up on March 7.
Anne Hosler / Montana Public Radio

Thanks to all the Flathead Valley listeners who joined us in Kalispell Thursday. It was a pleasure to meet you all and to hear your feedback. It was also a great send-off for Flathead Reporter Nicky Ouellet.

We couldn't imagine a friendlier group! Many of you told us how much you rely on MTPR's news and music programs. We especially appreciate your words of support and encouragement. Thank you again. This is your public radio station, and your feedback helps make it work even better for you.

Montana Public Radio is now hiring a Flathead Valley reporter.

Montana Public Radio is now hiring a Flathead Valley reporter. Do you have experience in radio news and believe in the value of public media? Read on.

Microphone and tablet.

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Drink a beer and support Montana Public Radio at the same time! It doesn't get any easier than that.

On Wednesday, March 13 from 5-8 p.m., when you buy a pint at the KettleHouse Northside, $1 will go to benefit Montana Public Radio.

'Richest Hill' is a single-season podcast all about the past, present and future of Butte, Montana. Subscribe now, episode one comes out March 5.

Butte, America is a big damn deal — and it's on the verge of some big changes. That's why we're making a podcast all about the Mining City's past, present and future. Episode one comes out March 5.

Listen and subscribe at or wherever you get your podcasts. And follow Richest Hill on Facebook for more updates.