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“It works! She peed!”: Mother-daughter duo Linda and Kierstin Schmitt laugh together

Kierstin Schmitt (left) and Linda Schmitt (right).

As part of the 2022 StoryCorps mobile tour, mother-daughter duo Linda and Kierstin Schmitt talk about the newness of youth, about being open to the world, about Kierstin’s birth—the first time she, Kierstin, as a baby, peed!

Linda Schmitt: Well, you know how it is to be so young (so young!), and everything is new, and everything is different, and you’re—it's like you’re riding the wave and not trying to steer anything, just being open to the world. And so, and then you showed up, and I’ll never forget... The first time you peed.

Kierstin Schmitt: [Laughs]

Linda Schmitt: In the hospital, I had just fed you—breastfed you. And then you peed, and I went, “Ah! It works!”

Kierstin Schmitt: [Laughs]

Linda Schmitt: “It works! She peed!”

Kierstin Schmitt: [Laughs]

Linda Schmitt: It was such fun. Oh, my God, did we have fun? We just had a ball. I mean, it was just such—we did have an exciting life, didn’t we?

Kierstin Schmitt: Mhm.

The 2022 StoryCorps mobile tour is recording at the Missoula Public Library, giving Missoulians the opportunity to preserve their conversations and stories for future generations. StoryCorps Missoula is brought to you in part by Clearwater Credit Union, Partners Creative, and Montana State Fund.